2006-Doctoral Research 3-D Virtual World for Second-Language Assessment
I built this world as part of my doctoral research. Students were asked to navigate together and were given virtual currency and a list of items to order. This helped them negotiate meaning with each other and enhance their learning.

2007-PASS Proficiency-Based Assessment Teacher Training
This training was developed to educate Oregon teachers on how to complete a proficiency-based assessment using alternative standards. I designed, developed, and built the website and trainings and worked with a developer to program the assessment system used to certify teachers who successfully completed the training.

*Note-This material was accessed from a historical site so some of the graphics are unavailable.

2019-Marketing and Content Creation
This is an example of content creation I performed as a consultant. I used SendGrid email marketing software to contact potential clients. This was supplemented with Google AdWords and Facebook Ads as part of a marketing strategy.

Policy Work:

Draft Smarter Policy link here

Note: Many of my projects were proprietary and I am unable to share on this page. Please contact me for additional information.